All successful people think on paper

Better-Notes ‘Go Digital!’ helps you to solve your challenges with your notes!

Imagine what could happen when you would be able to write down all your notes on digital paper into a structured context and having them available anytime & anywhere. Your notes will start to work for you and become a valuable asset. You will be able to get a lot more focussed and become much more successful.

Better-Notes ‘Go Digital!’ is a selection of carefully thought out structured templates designed and tested by professionals, which enable you to capture your notes in an efficient & structured way. How many times did you not find back what you had written down. Imagine the improvements it gives when your notes are stored in a structured way and easy accessible.

The Templates we design will come with associated information, advices & affordable online training to optimise your workflows. You will become far more creative and productive.

It is our strong believe that with a pen in hand, there are instantly accessible valuable opportunities that are not possible to weave into the experience of typing on a keyboard. Therefor our tools will focus on handwriting but with the advantages new technologies when you ‘Go Digital!’

Our Better-Notes “Go Digital!’ team will help professionals and students in their journey to become more successful. We do not want to drag you into a series of complex and all-in software applications. It is our intention to start simple, become more efficient and stay flexible.


We are currently working very hard on developing the first set of templates. Please register when you would like to be informed on the launch and get regular updates from our Better-Notes ‘Go Digital!’ Team.

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